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[ 2018-11-02 ]

When more than 350 guests simultaneously held up their mobile phones and scanned the two-dimensional code to log in, the smiling faces of the guests appeared on the big screen, constantly converging into a rotary ball of creativity......On the morning of October 30th, a fashionable and concise issuing ceremony was held at the main venue and sub-venue of the 7th Baosteel Academic Annual Conference. So far, "Mass research platform of China Baowu" was officially released online.

In order to respond positively to the national strategic plan of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation", to assume the main responsibility of enterprise technology innovation, to conform to the development of digital economy era, and to support the company's technology leading strategy, China Baowu formally proposed to build the mass research platform on the First China Baowu Technology Innovation Conference at the end of 2016. In 2007, China Baowu became the second batch of national demonstration bases for twin innovation and entrepreneurship, explicitly building the "1+N+1" innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, including 1 iron and steel mass research platform, N specialized platforms, and 1 double innovation and entrepreneurship service platform, so as to further accelerate the construction of mass research platform.

China Baowu carried out the establishment of mass research system with the aim of "gathering the advantages and wisdom of the masses" in the Internet era. Under the direct guidance of the leadership of the company, the project team led by the Academia Sinica carried out relevant planning and preparation in 2017, and officially started the platform construction in early 2018. According to the thinking of "Internet + innovation", the project team sorted out and integrated the internal and external R&D resources and innovation elements of the enterprise to create a brand new China Baowu mass research platform. On the basis of the external open independent integrated innovation system which is characterized by the cooperation of production, study, research and application formed over the years, a more open and efficient open innovation system of China Baowu will be constructed.

The positioning of Baowu mass research, which carries the solid transformation of China Baowu technology R&D mode and the new development of China Baowu open innovation system, can be attributed to the realization of three connections, namely, connecting downstream users, connecting technological creativity and connecting partners. In terms of specific functions, Baowu mass research covers different levels from the development of open innovation to the implementation: There are not only creative source seeking for cross-field cooperation direction, but also demand docking aiming at solving specific hot and difficult problems, and commercial practice taking signing electronic contract as the content; At the same time, the integrated innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem of Baowu from market demand and innovation cooperation to industrial incubation was constructed through contacting with downstream users and Wusong Estuary Innovation Park.

It is understood that in the process of preparation and pushout of Baowu mass research, it has already attracted numerous attention from both inside and outside the industry. In the era of "Internet + innovation", China Baowu will constantly seek for change and innovate its research and development mode.

Source:Baowu News Centre